plays indoor cricket with daughter Samaira during Janata Curfew

Rohit Sharma uploaded a video on Instagram in which he can be seen helping his daughter hold a cricket bat and play a straight drive. In the clip, one of Rohit’s family members can be seen bowling at Samaira and the father-daughter duo successfully play the shot. Samaira can be seen elated after playing the shot.

India observed a 14-hour curfew on Sunday to limit the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic. More than 350 people have tested positive for Covid-19 and 7 people have lost their lives due to the infection as of March 22.
Through these extremely difficult and dangerous times, Mother Earth has found a way to heal. Our planet has shown us what a difference a lifestyle change can make even in a short amount of time. We always wondered if it was too late to combat climate change but Mother Earth has shown us that we can reverse it and help her heal if we all do it together,” Rohit Sharma’s Instagram message read.

“Through these testing times India has seen a major drop in its air and noise pollution levels, Venice has dolphins playing in their harbours, boars running around their streets, Rome has swans in their fountains and the pollution levels have dropped all over the world! This is the world we need to protect,” he added.

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